Friday, June 12, 2009

Malaise of Koshal Farmers..centre is the mute spectator

A large number of researchers and scholars who study agriculture in India are intrigued by the extreme penury of the farmers and the low levels of productivity. It surprises them that the peasantry of a country so well endowed in water resources and sunlight should be so miserably placed.
It was only as late as in 1990 that the World Trade Organization (WTO) clearly established that the Government of India imposed a negative subsidy on farmers.
The term ‘negative subsidy’ has a specific meaning. It refers to cases where the income received by the farmer by the sale of his proceeds is less than the income he would have received in a hypothetically free market where the government does not intervene in any manner. Positive subsidy’ refers to cases where the farmers receive an income that is higher than what they would have received in a hypothetically free market, thanks to the intervention of the government. The central, and most essential, fact about Indian agriculture is that it suffers from either the caprices of Nature or, when Nature is benign, by the tyranny of government interventions

Farmers and agriculture are the source of all wealth and multiplication thereof, at least in the physiocratic sense. In the peasant idiom, ‘if a farmer sows one seed the crop is hundred- or even a thousand-fold.’ How come the one industry where there is an actual physical multiplication suffers from the most serious deprivations? Practically every regional language in India has a proverb that maintains that agriculture is the best of all vocations; trade comes next and service is the least honorable of all. The proverb holds good though the reality has turned upside down, particularly after Independence. Now a job, particularly in government service, is the most prestigious, and agriculture is seen as a passage to poverty, indebtedness and suicide.
What happening in western Orissa is nothing but a burning issue and nobody put attention to this. In this 2009 Mandate everybody knows that Congress is being the champion in India..but in Orissa its again the rule of Patnayak’s BJD.. let me be more concentric..i.e. in western Orissa where again the Congress got majority in maximum areas/constituencies. So ultimately the people of Koshal (I love to say western Orissa) are paying the prices….do u know How??? They are unable to sell their grains in the market….they hanged up in the rope of Bureaucratic decision or Tumbling in the balance of Orissa politics…..the chief minister of Orissa shows his ignominy towards these people by making a barrier to the system of marketing of grains…….so who is going to raise against the bloody system…………….The hard earning non-unitary farmers….or the self promoting social workers or the self hyped so called intellectuals………………..